forREEL would like to proudly introduce AFTER THE SHOW, a segment where we talk to moviegoers right outside of the cinema and just capture that post-film whirlwind of thoughts.

This week we went to see “Get Out”—  the breakout blockbuster horror from the mind of Jordan Peele that’s garnered quite a lot of media attention for its potent social commentary.

You’ll hear our thoughts later this week, but for now hear from Daemeon.


“forREEL” (2017)

It’s hard to get an honest movie review these days. The film critic pool is downright infested with self-importance, leaving those of us looking for genuine perspective to drown in the chatter of writers who would opt to mark down a great movie if it meant they could whip out their thesaurus.

*in a pretentious-film-critic-with-a-monocle voice* “‘Moonlight’ was assuaging, but highly facile.”

Sure, the high-profile critiques may sound good, but sometimes you just need to hear it straight: Was the f***ing movie enjoyable or not? That’s where forREEL comes in.

This is a blog for people who love movies, by people who love movies—no frills or fluff or airs put on our reviews. We’ll tell you if DiCaprio really was all that great and show love to that B-horror flick that wouldn’t even have made it to Roger Ebert’s peripheral.